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The cleansing of the Earth


of  Alexey  Smirnov

The cleansing of the Earth


Owing to the environmental education of humanity we succeeded in reduction of our own negative impact on nature. However, it is still too early to announce that the condition of the environment has began to improve. This is largely due to the fact that people hitherto don’t realise what forces to provide the cleaning nature of the Earth. Grasping that, we could do much more for our planet, helping the creatures who bear this heavy burden – the cleansing of the Earth.

To date, scientists have collected enough facts to discuss the cleansing which continually occurs in nature. The process has not been understood by scientists-ecologists, and continues to baffle them. Not finding any scientific explanation of the phenomenon, they decided to attribute it to a process of self-purification, allegedly to be a characteristic of nature. That is, science has arrogated to nature, which is not alive according to the scientific view, properties of a living creature. This is obviously not a scientific approach. It would be right, at first, to admit nature as the living, or to seek another explanation why rivers/streams, forests and meadows are constantly cleaned. Actually the former is true. We have to say that from hard-core materialists, as well as scientists we sometimes hear the expression ‘the living organism of nature’. Using this phrase they are not to believe that nature is alive but just indicate that co-operation of its parts is similar to interaction within the organism, where everything is interconnected. There is everything alive in the physical world indeed; not only nature as such but all components of the world. Not only a single sell, that is already admitted by science, but also its particles are alive. Moreover, everything from the mineral kingdom including a grain of sand, and even the atom has its own life and mind.

It should be said it is rare, to find a diehard materialist among great scientists in the field of natural sciences. However, there are certain rules in science, according to which even a physicist, who knows that matter, as such, does not exist (matter is just a form of expression of energy), sees the picture of the world through the limited frame of materialism. If a confirmed fact does not fit into the materialistic or “scientific” picture, it is placed outside the frame, unreasonably rejecting or keeping silent. A scientific approach often boils down to a simple concealment of inconvenient facts. In our case, the researchers chose not to notice that the concept of self-purification requires a revision of their worldview.
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Actually “self-cleansing” in nature is the result of working so-called elementals. They are the same Creator’s creatures, as those that are included in the concept of animals, plants, minerals or people. The difference between us is that only the elementals have ethereal bodies and exist not in our dense world, but in more rarefied space, so called the subtle or etheric plane. The elementals of the Earth work on cleansing the planet; their main “work place” is the physical world. On that base they can be allotted in a separate group of the etheric plane’s inhabitants.
This article concerns our relationship with this narrow group of inhabitants of the Subtle World. For those who wish to learn more about the elementals, we might recommend two works of Helena Blavatsky. A journal article “Thoughts about the life of elementals”, published as she was about to leave her sojourn in the physical world, in May, 1890. And a book, “The Elementals” which was published two years later. This little book unfortunately was never finished; nevertheless it gives more material about the inhabitants of the etheric plane than any other book. It is although useful because it gives links to authors whose books are available to modern readers. Those, who were close to her, knew H. Blavatsky as the occultist and the medium, and these skills gave her practical materials and the ability to write the book.  

Since our task is somewhat different, being not theoretical but more practical, we have cited here two quotations only.
1) “To begin with, neither the elementals, nor elementaries themselves can be called “spirits” at all. It accords with reason to suppose that the grossest nature among them will sink to the lowest depth of the spiritual atmosphere – in other words, be found nearest the earth. Inversely, the purest will be further away… it is as unwarrantable to assume that either of these grades of ethereal beings can occupy the place, or subsist in the conditions, of the other”.

The phrase from the last work of H. Blavatsky has big importance since in earlier years she had named the elementals as “nature spirits” or “elemental spirits” (the book ‘Isis Unveiled’) and those early definitions are still repeated by thousands of readers and included in ‘Theosophy Glossary of H. Blavatsky’.

2) “The Christians are very wrong to treat them indiscriminately as “devils” or “imps of Satan”, and to give them negative names. They are nothing of the kind, but simply creatures of ethereal matter, irresponsible, but neither good nor bad unless influenced by superior intelligence. It is extraordinary to hear devout Catholics abuse and misrepresent nature spirits when one of their greatest authorities, Clement the Alexandrian, has described these creatures as they really are. Clement, who perhaps had been a theurgist as well as a Neoplatonist, and thus argued upon good authority that it is absurd to call them devils for they are only inferior angels, “the powers which inhabit elements, move the winds and distribute showers, and as such are agents subject to God”.
last photo of Helena Blavatsky, 1890
Last photograph

of H. P. Blavatsky,

Origen, who before he became a Christian belonged to the Platonic School, is of the same opinion. Porphyry, as we have seen, describes these “daimons” more carefully that anyone else.

These two citations give a general idea about the elementals and allow us to move forward to our goal. In addition, in her works H. Blavatsky more than once said about the existence of the elementals of earth, water, air and fire. She referred to the Eastern Cabbalists, Western Rosicrucians and alchemists who told about the elementals as creatures that developed from four kingdoms, and call them, respectively: gnomes, undines (water nymphs), sylphs and salamansers. There are various names attributed to elementals and for a number of reasons we will generally try to stay close to science, naming them according to their aggregate state, solid, liquid and gaseous. Many authors note that elementals can act as obedient co-workers of universal law but also be influenced by incorporeal spirits.

A flame which we see on the Earth is the grossest form of the fire element. Meanwhile this burning substance exists in its lower strata only. The next level of the World of Fire is plasma which is already known in physics; lower level of plasma scorches but its higher level is cold. All subsequent strata of the Fiery World do not burn as it to be said by Master Morya through Helena Roerich in books Fiery World.

Every year on Holy Easter Saturday, thousands of people witness the Holy Fire at the Greek Edicule of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem. In the initial half an hour the Fire does not burn, but then gradually it becomes coarser and begins to scorch. The elementals of gross fire work on the planet with the other elementals; in Russia they are called ognevitsy, in the Western tradition – the fiery salamanders.

The higher strata of the Fiery World have their own elementals. The elementals working in highest strata of Agni associate with the spirit. They have their own objectives, about which we know almost nothing. We can only say that it is namely these elementals that have woven the fiery armour, often mentioned in the book “Fiery World” by H. Roerich.
People should understand that the elementals on the whole do not exist; it is for us to classify them in such a category. Actually there are many different kinds of the elementals. We are most familiar with these who are working in the physical world, which could be named as the elementals of earth, ones of water, and these of air. They can be also called as the elementals of solid, liquid and/or gaseous substances.

In spite of absence of physical body, the elementals have both an individual mind and a collective consciousness, and can communicate with humans, who are capable of such communications.

The elementals have better developed group consciousness than ants, bees or termites; this consciousness enables them to cooperate productively while working together. Moreover, the elementals have beyond-group consciousness that gives the opportunity to several groups of the elementals to fulfil one common task.

Having ethereal bodies the elementals are highly mobile; this quality allows them to come promptly to the place of pollution, so that they can be included in the work of purification.

Following the impulse, both the relevant number and kinds of elementals, needed for the task, come to the place of pollution, and work in constant interaction. All activity of the elementals is built on the program. Today there is one programmer on the Earth only; it is God. However, with time, these programs will be created by the Person who is also God but while under disclosure of his divine abilities.

If necessary, the elementals seek assistance from people or animals. For example, to attract human attention, they may send signals about breakage of a sewer pipe. A person, who is sufficiently sensitive to such a signal, goes to a place specified by the elementals, to detect leakage from a pipe and call an emergency team, to repair the damage.

For the sake of all life on the Earth, people have to understand that the elementals also live, and therefore need our care and protection. First of all, like everything on the planet, they need to be protected from people, who are detained on the lower steps of evolution.

Environmental scientists have found that when a certain level of pollution becomes irreversible there is an environmental disaster – “nature cannot cope with such a high level of pollution”. In fact, the elementals don’t have the ability to do their job, as they perish, because of lack of certain pure substances, that are required them to eliminate the ecological accident. Destruction of the elementals can be caused by damage of their ethereal bodies too.

To cope with environmental disaster, it is necessary to surround the area, beginning work by approaching it from the outside – that is from the encirclement. People might help the elementals in the creation of this ring. First of all, it is necessary to stop the process of pollution. However even in the case where contamination process has been completely stopped, the elementals may be needed for many years to eliminate all its consequences. Non-stop pollution is most dangerous. This will be discussed below.

In the case of very serious pollution of certain areas – environmentalists already are able to determine that - it is not enough to cease new infections. People should get out of these, leaving it at the disposal of the elementals. To help them, and ourselves, we should create a recreational area for the elementals around the contaminated site. In addition to creation of this special area, which helps them recover, we can assist the elementals with pure substances and isolate people from the site of infection. The width of this zone is determined by the situation. It must be sufficiently wide, so that the elementals can create a compressible ring around the polluted area, as the external part of the ring provides the regeneration for the elementals.

In those places where the environmental situation is at risk, we need recreational areas for the elementals to cleanse their soil, water and air. Therefore in megacities, there should be larger parks to make provision for both relaxation of people and recreation for the elementals that have difficulty coping with pollution in the big cities. Solitary places around pure springs and small streams surrounded by native bush, layers of shrubs and grove glades with overgrown grass and flowers are the best for the elementals. Mangroves, shallow ponds and small swamps not only keep masses of people away; they are able to prevent destructive fires. These places are also a haven for small living creatures and insects. In places, where people might tread out paths, we should plant prickly shrubs: holly, blackthorn, hawthorn, juniper etc. Places under high-voltage lines and industrial zones are perfect places for natural restoration zones in metropolitan areas are also suitable for recreation for this great kingdom of toilers.

Today it is not enough for any state to provide environmental education for children and adults. In addition, these things everybody should be taught from life examples, especially industrial pollution. Having highly profitable business, its owner sometimes does not care much about fines, for poisoning the environment. In many situations, the enterprise-pollutant may have an “understanding” with the local authorities, as he pays taxes, creates work places. The Ministry for the environment, which each modern country has, might use the money from the budget or bank loans to provide necessary measures at the future expense of the pollutant. The Ministry just should order the environmental project and then charge the enterprise-pollutant for the cost of the project. From this moment the Ministry should appoint a certain term for putting the project into operation. The business, therefore, becomes responsible for the realisation of the project. Using bank loans to develop environmental projects does not put such stress on the state budget and allows the development of a high number of such projects at one time.   

Penalties to companies and individuals must not become a source of local budget replenishment. It is more important that a civil lesson reaches the population after each environmental disaster. If the offender sincerely apologises and is willing to eliminate the consequences of the environmental accident, our society should give him the opportunity to repair the damage and make restitution without resorting to punitive measures.
It is now time to discuss the most dangerous ongoing pollution. These are many of them; each is bad in its own way. From the point of view of the elementals, there are two today the most dangerous throughout the planet:

1) Pharmacological pollution.
The problem of pollution from pharmaceuticals is a difficult one, because pharmaceutical companies are incredibly wealthy, and therefore have a strong lobby in most countries. It is a powerful body that controls the lives of many. In a chemical analysis of Alpine glaciers, European scientists discovered the presence of chemicals from pharmaceutical production. This important fact has not received wide publicity. Surprisingly, those who call themselves civilised States, whose pharmaceutical production (even though, a private one) are poisoning the environment of the countries, where their industrial enterprises are located. Namely, it is the pharmaceutical lobby, through the rulers of these countries who consider themselves as the world’s elite, who protect pharmaceutical giants from taking responsibility for contamination of the environment from the waste produced by both the manufacturing process and packaging, including products that are thrown away by the public. Environmental organizations are simply afraid of the pharmaceutical giants. In addition, the authorities of all States of the world and the UN must be held responsible for the fact that there are still not many organised disposal units for unused medicines and personal hygiene products – they are simply disposed of in landfills with the trash. At the same time almost everywhere there is garbage collection and recycling of various kinds of domestic and industrial waste. Many medications are extremely perilous for environment, as well as for the elementals, who are engaged in cleansing the environment, suffering from pollution.

2) Contamination from the decaying remains of animals and humans.
With regard to the burial of human and animal remains in the soil, there is not only contamination of the cemeteries, but it is carried by groundwater over long distances. Such pollution is dangerous not only for the dense world, in which our physical bodies live, but also for the Subtle World, in other ways – namely the etheric plane. The human ethereal body, which is part of a human essence, resides in this plane. Since all our bodies constitute the single whole, they are interdependent, and many diseases come into the physical body from the ethereal one, and vice versa. When, in earlier centuries there were Saints on the Earth, and when ordinary people tried, as it was called then, to avoid sin, or live a pure life, and then their remains ennobled the ground, in which they were buried. No wonder many wanted to be buried close to a departed Saint. The graves of saints have always been objects of pilgrimage. In our time the decomposition has an impact on people while they are still living. After the death of these people the land does not recover for a long period of time. So cemeteries are gradually turning into places of ecological catastrophes. In esoteric texts there were stated that the microbes of tuberculosis, syphilis and cancer have passed on from buried bodies into the soil. This aspect is well known and recorded in Homeopathic texts too. The official sciences do not know about this, but it has an own list of the diseases, with which the elementals are also unable to cope. Recent years this list was replenished with the flu, which destroyed millions of people during time of the 1st World war. In spite of a hundred years after that period, that  virus was found out being alive in remains of bodies, which were buried in Northern Scandinavian’s permafrost zone.  The germs of above mentioned diseases are returned to man via the food chain. It is better to burn the dead, cleaner for ground, water and air, as well as for the elementals, who are constantly working to clean the environment; and, certainly, for the babies newly coming to the Earth. Naturally, due to ongoing human burials on the planet, all living things have been poisoning, including animals, plants and even stones. 

It should be noted that animals’ carcasses are generally burned. That is why contamination from decaying remains is mainly about human burials.

It is impossible to disclose our theme not talking about the contamination of the etheric plane, which ecology has the same importance for humankind as the physical one, since our ethereal bodies reside there. This conversation has become more urgent owing to the significant increase of the Subtle World’s pollution. It is necessary to realise that our physical body reflects all the diseases of ethereal one; as it has been stated above. Meanwhile, modern medicine ignores this, and as a result, is in great debt to humanity. Since the elementals have ethereal bodies, the contamination of the etheric plane, also has an impact on their health; the same applies to all other inhabitants of the Subtle World.

While the dense plane at large is composed of three aggregate states of matter: solid, liquid and gaseous, the more tenuous stratum of etheric plane consists of states which, in ascending order of matter are called: kor, voks, loy and ees. Ees is most rarefied state of matter. Almost all pollution, that comes from the physical plane, affects kor first of all and then voks, because the difference between air and kor in the Subtle World is about the same as that between liquid and gas. That is, there is the opportunity for exchange between air and kor, in other words – between the physical and etheric planes. Gradually such things become obvious to a growing number of people. It should be noted that in each stratum of the etheric plane, there are own specific elementals. The numbers of the elementals in loy and ees strata are smaller in comparison with two lower strata, as they are close to the top of the pyramid of evolution of the elementals. This does not contradict with what was ones described by H. Blavatsky: it merely adds information about the elementals of the Subtle World. While in the dense world there are elementals that possess etheric bodies, the elementals of ees and loy have fiery bodies. The elementals of kor and voks have bodies of finest ethereal matter. In the kingdom of elementals a more subtle body indicates a higher level of evolution. Ethereal bodies of people are like the elemental ones: the degree of their fineness indicates the level of the persons’ evolution. Similar to the Earth’s world, there are permanent inhabitants in each stratum of the etheric plane. However, in the plane there are other beings besides elementals and other permanent inhabitants.

In the lower strata of the Subtle World there are a big number of human souls always waiting for their subsequent incarnation. Meanwhile, as it has been said, that the lower strata of the World have become polluted by humankind most of all. It happens in a result of thoughtless activity of people. Therefore all those, who are also suffering from environmental pollution on the Earth, this affects the health of newborns after their incarnation in physical bodies.

That is why it is so important to learn that many poisonous substances that we keep in our homes emit thinnest poisons under the influence of electromagnetic waves; the poisons pollute the lower strata of the etheric plane. This is mainly concerns to disinfectants containing chlorine, methanol as well as medications, which people usually store in houses or garages. Such substances have to be stored in steel containers or covered with iron mesh from all sides to prevent infection of ethereal bodies of your family members, with thinnest toxic fumes. Even better, people use only those detergents, which do not contain poisons, ultraviolet lamps, or ethyl alcohol for disinfection purpose. The authorities should take care about the use of proper detergents in human homes, and also about the equipping of public toilets with ultraviolet lamps.

The problem with humans is that the vast majority of us cannot see what is happening around us in the etheric plane; only a few are able to see the Subtle World. For this reason, mankind has not become aware yet of the need to monitor our ecology and therefore struggle with this concept. One obvious sphere that needs our attention is incidents in nuclear power plants. The Subtle World’s elementals are not able to cope even with the middle accidents because of shortage of them. Fortunately, there are our closest neighbours - inhabitants of Mars and of Venus as well as the common etheric plane for us to share with them. Being more advanced in term of the human evolution they have ethereal bodies only. In spite of this long distance pollution from our etheric plane might go there, that is why our Space Brothers come to the planet to monitor the Earth’s part of the Subtle World. Our Brothers in Space could cope only with such horrendous disasters, which it what occurred at Chernobyl on 26 April 1986 and also in Fukushima on 11 March 2011. If there were no the Brothers to monitor here on earth, we would pay a tremendous price.

Since a number of the Earth’s elementals working in the Subtle World is too small to protect our etheric plane from the unrestrained actions of mass of people living on the planet, our Space Brothers from Mars manage to monitor and clean its lower strata kor and voks, whereas the Brothers from Venus engage in higher ones – loy and ees, which correspond with their level of evolution.

To say this about mankind, we do not act honestly with respect to our Space Brothers constantly shift our problems onto their shoulders. Admittedly, we do not treat ourselves any better. The only solution for humanity, is to stop the construction of new nuclear power plants, gradually closing all the current plants on the planet and introducing less harmful methods of energy production. This is the Task for the more advanced people who are the real elite of the Earth; that is those who understand its importance and are able to act purely for the benefit of humanity.

A short conclusion
Obviously, right now, it is vital to perceive the role of the elementals in the cleansing of the Earth from pollution by the vast majority of people as well as understand exceptional jeopardy of ongoing infections; especially, those two that were mentioned in this article. With regard to prevention of the Subtle World pollution we would like to recommend to the most advanced part of humanity to develop necessary public rules, which the UN General Assembly should accept and ratify.

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30 January, 2016
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